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Projects 👨‍💻

  • Reconmap Frontend

    Open-source pentesting management and reporting platform

    CSS ArchFrontEnd

  • Projects

    App to plan and track your dev projects in a timeline view

    FrontEndBackendCSS Arch

  • Camino 🚕

    Car rental open source solution

    BackendCSS ArchFrontEndMobile

  • Viajero 📱

    Puzzle game created in godot engine


  • SupperPlanner

    Plan yours weekly meals!

    FrontEndCSS Arch

  • Creamos

    Social Network to share faith!

    FrontEndBackendCSS Arch

  • CUO

    CUO Platform

    FrontEndBackendCSS Arch

  • home

    home !

    FrontEndCSS ArchDesign

  • SaludTV

    salud TV

    FrontEndCSS ArchDesign